It’s always a red flag when you find out you look like his ex-girlfriend, but it’s worse when his ex is your identical twin sister.

Shay used to be inseparable from her sister Sasha, but after a tragic accident left Shay blind, Sasha continued living her life in the spotlight, while Shay kept to the shadows. Sasha partied, and laughed, and went through a long line of boyfriends, while Shay lost her first love and learned to live with her disability.

Shay had lost most of her youthful passion for life until she meets Nathan at a party. His easy charm and eager attentions leave her thirsting for more but knowing that Nathan is Sasha’s ex dampens their initial spark. While hiding their relationship from her twin, Shay tries to decide if she and Nathan have real chemistry – or if she’s just a look-a-like for a lost love.

She was looking for a romance that would wake her up – not a love triangle between her sister and the man of her dreams.

Note: Shay; romantic suspense series /spicy mix of forbidden love/ Cinderella-style romance with twin sister secrets in the mix/ older man younger woman age gap relationship. The prequel is a Bonus readlink inside.

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