You’re almost 16. Every day since you turned 5 years old you were trained to use a sword in ways that none could ever hope to defeat–a sacred sword art. You’re Human, but live among non-Humans–Winglins. You have never ever heard an utterance of a Human word, yet you sometimes find yourself clumsily mixing the Human language with the Winglin one. The father who raised you and all the people you know fly with majestic wings, yet your back is bare and your feet are grounded. The world below you is chaotic, wicked, and savage, while the world around you is full of magic, peace, and order… yet you feel yourself called to the chaos below.

Your name is Rael. You are Human, you are Winglin, and you are powerful. You are courageous, you are good, and you are righteous. Ultimately, you are living justice.

And when your mythical trial concludes, you will know of brothers who do not share your blood, enemies that will do everything in their power to spill your blood, women who will cause your blood to race, and you will truly understand love while overwhelmed by the scent of blood.

You will be hurt, chased, deceived, and betrayed. You will be confused, uncertain, afraid, and lost, but never abandoned.

You will face off against murderers, monsters, demons, and powerful warriors.

You will be a hero, you will be reborn, and you will be a savior.

You will be the Wingless Seraph.

Follow, Rael, a Human raised by Winglins and taught the sacred sword art, Heaven’s Tempest, as he embarks on a journey to understand humanity. While his life unfolds, he learns through a selfless heart what it means to save lives, the sacrifices needed to protect, and the heavy expectations placed upon him by fate.

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