Navarre’s Lounge is proud to present Wilber to the spotlight. Wilber is based out of Seattle, Washington, and brings some good rap/hip-hop vibes to the table. After a quick listen, it is very apparent that this musician is a solid lyricist. I am hearing influences of major artists such as the speedy delivery from Logic, the rapping and singing from J. Cole, and the thought-provoking lyrics from Jay-Z.

Wilber has a few years’ worth of music officially published, and each new project shows substantial growth from the last. This time around, he brings us an EP titled 4 Package, which is 4 tracks of Wilber once again showing off his raw talent. The music video for “Night in the City” gives others a glimpse of the nightlife that is underappreciated in Seattle. He takes you to a couple of the city’s hotspots, showing its beauty with the smooth lyrics of the musician to accompany it.

Personally, my favorite track on this project is “KING”. Throughout the song, Wilber changes his cadence multiple times which shows his versatility while maintaining the clarity of his speech. There is no difficulty understanding every word that he is saying. I cannot help but bob my head to the song! I am excited to keep up with this artist to see what he comes out with next.

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