Welcome another addition to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge, and we have something special for you! This time, we are featuring an 11-piece a capella group named Voctave. Voctave was formed back in the winter of 2015 out of central Florida and have seen numerous forms of success! After signing with Opus 3 Artists, Voctave has traveled the world performing for the masses, and has sang behind multiple award winners. It is no surprise if you have heard their music before, as Voctave has had multiple #1 songs across all streaming platforms, as well as ranked in Billboard’s Top 25.

The members of Voctave are Kate Lott, Tiffany Coburn, Ashley Espinoza, Sarah Whittemore, Chrystal Johnson, EJ Cardona, Drew Ochoa, Jamey Ray, Kurt von Schmittou, Aaron Stratton, and Karl Hudson. The members come from all types of musical backgrounds. Some of the backgrounds are musical theater, contemporary Christian music, barbershop, pop, and choral music. The diversity that the group capitalizes on is showcased in the depth of the harmonies that their singing produces. This truth is even more apparent in Voctave’s newest album, “The Corner of Broadway and Main Street, Vol. 2”. This album features Disney and Broadway classics, but with the Voctave seal of approval. Every song on this project is given a new perspective that utilizes all talents that Voctave has to offer.

Going through the album, I recognize quite a few of the titles, and there are some that are new to me. I have always been a fan of a capella singing since I was first introduced to Boyz II Men, and Voctave modernizes the art and brings beautiful complexity to the trade.

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