Please help me welcome Trepy to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge! Trepy is an independent Jamaican dancehall artist and songwriter, who merges his native dancehall music with his love for all music to create a contemporary dancehall sound.

Navarre: So tell us about yourself. How was life growing up?

Trepy: I was born Kemar Trepair and I grew up in a small community in West Rural St. Andrew, Jamaica, called Belbo. Being raised by a single mother with five kids was financially challenging. However, through this rough period in my life, I discovered the positive power of dancehall music. Dancehall music became my mental escape and my first love.

Navarre: How prominent has music continued to be in your life?

Trepy: As I grew older and needed to provide for my own family, music became a mistress and remained a hobby. But as Denis Waitley once said, “Chase your passion, not your pension.” So I decided to go back to my first love, my passion. The one thing that always calms me, that makes me want to get up and go. Music.

Navarre: How do you go about coming up with new music?

Trepy: The creation process for coming up with new release is to isolate myself in nature and meditate.

Navarre: What do you hope to achieve with your music pursuits?

Trepy: I hope to inspire others to be happy, contribute to the upliftment and empowerment of women by assuring them its ok to explore who they are and get everyone to just have a fun time from kids all the way to adults. I see my music as a way to contribute to people beating depression.

Navarre: What else would you like to share with readers?

Trepy: I want to share a piece of my culture with you, your friends and your family. I make dancehall music that makes you happy, that bring you back to the days when all you wanted to do was just enjoy life.

The music Trepy gives to us is very emotional and it’s apparent that a lot of passion and intensity went into these projects. The album art is eye grabbing, and the lyrics that Trepy sing are filled with a feeling of someone that knows how they want their music to sound.

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