Something that Navarre’s Lounge will host periodically is a Top 5 list to start off the week. This week, I’ve put together a list of producers that you may or may not have heard. This is purely subjective; hopefully, this list gives you energy or helps you mellow out. If you have any ideas or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via e-mail or any social media platform! Alright, let’s get started.

5. Stix Maestro

I came across this musician not too long ago, and not a moment too soon. His TikTok is gaining traction fast, showing his skills of creating samples from other viral videos or adding layers on top of the sounds in the video he duets.

4. NØLLY on the track

We’ve covered NØLLY on Navarre’s Lounge before, and there’s a reason he keeps popping up. I’ve been working closely with him for a couple of months now and this musician is one of the more passionate producers I’ve seen. Every beat with the name NØLLY attached to it is for sure a banger. #IssaClassic


This is another producer I’ve been working with for a long time now, and he’s as humble as they come. If you want a boom-bap track, this is the man you go to, hands down. That’s not all he’s tied to, though. This musician has the ear to know what you’re missing, what’s crowding the music, and what you need to make you track 100%.

2. Crimson Fridge

This producer has made a couple of rounds in the underground hip-hop ring, and it’s no surprise why. This musician’s beats have something…. mystical about them. Like you know a Crimson track when you hear it. When the track starts, you can’t help but bob your head to the beat.

1. 1st Official

For all of my projects so far, there has been a 1st Official beat plugged in here and there. The talent on this musician is insane. There’s the versatility that comes from every beat, and all the beats can be listened to on their own, no need for lyrics. He also drops new beats constantly while maintaining pristine quality throughout his portfolio.

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