This time around at Navarre’s Lounge, we have an immersive novel that takes us through the mental health stricken life of a young adult. What’s great about this novel is it doesn’t matter if you struggling with your own demons. The author Bren Lehotay beautifully articulates some of the emotions and torments that the characters go through, whether it’s an internal conflict or with other people.

Marcus is a popular sixteen-year-old with a bright, wonderful future ahead of him. Then he starts hearing a mysterious voice before slowly things in his life seems to turn upside down. He is certain that all his friends have been replaced by something and a mysterious man appears to tell him it’s the truth. Will Marcus choose to lose himself to fantasy or reality? A powerful book about just how much mental health can change us.

I have my own personal mental health afflictions, and I was really touched by the way Bren Lehotay presented Marcus and his journey. I enjoyed the character development of multiple classmates and faculty at Marcus’ school, as well as the personification of the voices in his head. I highly recommend this book!

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