Please help Navarre’s Lounge welcome Takeshi’s Cashew to the spotlight! Takeshi’s Cashew hails from Vienna, Austria, and they bring to us an experience to the most extreme of the word. Their genre can be classified under “dancy psychedelic world music”. A few of their inspirations are musicians such as Altin Gün, Yin, Bill Loko, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. If you have not heard of any of these names, then you have got homework to do.

Takeshi’s Cashew has 3 official singles released; There Is No Harmony, Akihi, and Sterndüne (Kosmodr∞m). Each track has its own set of rules and moods that will take you on adventures that have their own individual identity. These are not your typical 3 to 4 minutes playbacks either. The song “There Is No Harmony” is over 10 minutes long! But not to worry, the song structure does not follow a traditional pattern, and the entire length of the song differs as it progresses forward.

The posted track “Sterndüne (Kosmodr∞m)” is the most recent release from Takeshi’s Cashew, and it is just as much of a trip as their other two releases. The group has an album already in the mix. Based on the music that we have heard from them thus far, this is a project that should have a reminder on your calendar.

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