The next artist on Navarre’s Lounge is an artist named Tae Jay, but who goes by N3ff3w to those that are close to him. Born and raised in Chicago, Tae Jay was raised with 4 other boys, and 2 of them being from his aunt. He is the owner of God’s Gift Records who put out quality music and music videos. Now he resides in Central Texas with the woman of his world, focusing on doing better for his family and making contemporary R&B with a meaning.

Tae Jay started out his musical journeys in the church. If he was not singing, he was playing the instruments. At the young age of 13, he became a minister of music, teaching songs to others while composing his own music. This was the beginning of the path for a young man who already had it in his heart to make a name for himself in the music world.

“I always believed I would be the one to get my family out the rut that we were in, whether it be from hustling up money on the streets to working any job that came my way, but I never could give up on my dreams of being a great music star.”

This narrative did not come without its hardships. In 2009, the 17-year-old Tae Jay made the very ambitious move of opening his own studio, but money got tight. Move to 2011, and Tae Jay enlisted into the military, but was injured during Basic Training. While this may break many, this only added fuel to the fire for Tae Jay. Ever nickel in his pocket went towards the studio to further his music career. He picked up a job driving 18 wheelers but was in an accident where the other driver was not insured and sustained major injuries. Once again, Tae Jay got back on his feet, only to be injured again driving 18 wheelers, and was left out to dry by his employer one month before his first daughter’s birth.

“With everything going on, I reverted to my music, knowing that it was truly all I have in life that sustains me.”

Tae Jay separated from his daughter’s mother, looking for someone who would help support him towards his dream. He thought he found it with two other women, but such was not the case. However, he was blessed with having two daughters and a son now. Unfortunately, the last relationship took an abusive route, and after practicing self-defense, Tae Jay was behind bars.

“After being incarcerated, I lost everything… From the relationship with my children, to the friends who began to believe that I was a woman beater. I was stuck out in a world with no one to turn to.”

6 months after Tae Jay’s release, he was homeless from the piling court fees, but amazingly that still did not damper his determination. Today, he is blessed with a supportive woman who helps him reach the potential he knew he had since the beginning.

Just listening to the track after typing this bio adds so much more to the brevity of the song choices and the energy behind his words. Tae Jay has the voice that can solidify the mood on any genre of music, and he knows it. This is an artist who knows what good music is, and just needs the avenue to show the world what it is missing.

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