Please help me welcome T.Savvy to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge. This musician reps Los Angeles, California, and brings the soul of SoCal to your doorstep. This hip-hop/rap artist comes to us with a new project called “Transition’n To….The EP”, and once again T.Savvy does not disappoint. T.Savvy produces absolute bangers with each release and continues to produce high quality audio for his listeners.

T.Savvy has a reputation for releasing tracks that feel good while telling a personal story behind the smile that the song puts on your face. Spotify has tracks for the past couple of years on this musician, and we can see the versatility that is apparent through his talents. Going through the previously released albums, T.Savvy builds his projects to where you can play the album from beginning to end, and you will enjoy every minute of it.

“Transition’n To….The EP” is an EP that grooves from start to finish, giving vibes from all different spectrums for the 11 minutes of this playthrough. When the song “Control” started, I immediately got dirty south vibes with the beat and the pitched voice. Moving to the singing part that T.Savvy provides, I am feeling Pretty Ricky vibes, but without all the yelling that they are infamous for. “Needing You” and “Toast Up” show the lyricism that this musician is capable of, vibing like early Lupe Fiasco, and I love it. Each song on this EP is solid from start to finish, and the least that it deserves is a full playthrough.

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