To start off this week, the artist in the Navarre’s Lounge spotlight is Supermanny, the young talent from Bronx, NY. He gathers musical inspiration from Nas, J. Cole, and Big L, which really gives reason as to why he is so naturally gifted with the hip-hop and rap he produces. These musical influences are seen in not only the beats he chooses to rap on, but also the way he raps on these tracks. His latest project, “Freedom Fighter II: Revival Edition” is a continuation of his growth as a professional musician.

SuperManny has been doing this for a couple of years now; the video posted has the Yankee Stadium in the background while SuperManny is rapping his song ‘Love Me’, which is from his first mixtape, “Dreams That Die”. Even while listening to the track, you hear these slick lines that you might not catch on the first listen. Supermanny also has the swagger in his voice to carry the weight of his lyrics as well as rep where he is from. Something I must admit I am still trying to pinpoint for myself.

“I want everyone to go follow their dreams no matter how crazy they may seem. I like to drop nuggets of wisdom in my songs that people can use on an everyday basis.”

The lyricism that Supermanny brings to the table is of high quality. There are metaphors galore, references to real life events, and the cadence that he follows switches up between his tracks. This is a versatile rapper that has a solid grasp of not only what is appealing to the ear of the listener, but also is comfortable with their craft enough to begin branching out from a stagnant position of one type of beat, one type of flow.

The artist does not stop here. Supermanny also has his own brand called Saved that serves as merchandise, as well as a positive impact on the world. It is refreshing to see musicians that use their talents to promote positive energy as they can. The slogan “Purchase with a purpose” solidifies the intentions behind the threads.  

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