This time around on Navarre’s Lounge we have Sound of Math, a musician out of Brussels! This Post Rock/Alternative/Instrumental musician gives us incredible music, but with an interesting backstory. The name Sound of Math comes from the fact that Mika didn’t know how to read music 4 years ago when starting to learn how to play instruments. Mika worked it as a math problem to figuring out how the notes on the sheet music are interpreted, and the rest is history. Today, their skills have been honed to bring some great music to the table!

The track “On Fire Without A Chance” is one of the more alternative feeling tracks, and the lull undertones heard really give an ambient feel to this track. One where you could close your eyes and be held by the feeling that the track is showing you. The visuals from the music video give another layer of immersion as the track really lays on this calming sense of simplicity within the music.

There are more songs to be checked out on the YouTube page, so please be sure to go over and show some love! Learn more through the icons below:

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