Metal heads, rejoice. Sepsiss is here for the spotlight at Navarre’s Lounge and they are taking it by storm. This female-fronted heavy metal band comes to us based out of New England, and is riding the high from their triumphant 2019 year where they won the 2019 New England Metal Act of the Year (New England Music Awards) and were signed by Pavement Entertainment in Chicago, Illinois. Their album, “Almost 11” is out now following their release of their featured track, “Blacklight Invasion”.

I admit, I have not heard of Sepsiss before this review, and I am thankful that their music has made it to my website. The musicianship heard on the band’s instruments is one to be reckoned with. Their talents are put on display through the entirety of their album. Sepsiss has the strong female vocals from Melissa Wolfe that are backed by the harsher vocals provided by William Savant.

“They combine a traditional heavy metal sound with modern rhythms, light synths, & a blend of urban hardcore.”

When I was making notes of my thoughts through the first playthrough of the album, a couple of themes were reappearing throughout the tracks. The urban hardcore phrase mentioned above is very apparent once you are aware of it. The feeling I would get when I listen to the likes of Avenged Sevenfold or Three Days Grace reappear when listening to “Almost 11”, but I have added the head bob of drums and bass of Sepsiss, and the underlying groove that’s applied to the track. That is the part that speaks “modern rhythms” to me that their bio claims. Trust me when I say I will be listening to the entirety of this project a few more times after this. Follow Sepsiss through the icons below:

Follow Sepsiss through the icons below:

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