Let us all welcome to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge the artist Rumbo! The music presented by this talented artist so far is wondrous to listen to. Their new album titled “Nightmares” dropped October 30th and deserves a review. Let’s get started.

The first track “Tax Free” immediately starts off with lots of energy! The in-your-face synths, along with the dubbed voice, gets you hype in preparation for the rest of the album. The next track “Ride or Die” follows with similar energy and you cannot help but vibe along with the drum line. Not only are the instrumentals fire, but Rumbo’s vocals bring just as much energy as the trap beat. The next track “My Plate” brings back vibes from Gunplay’s “Bible on The Dash”. The beat is a little more relaxed, but the vocals are still intense and give reason for the piano chords to be carried by the powerful drums.

The rest of the tracks have their own appeal and personality, but the last track I want to touch on is “Bring Me Back”. Are you a fan of Travis Scott, Don Toliver, or artists that have similar talent making auto tune their own tool? If you are, then you will love this song. The rhymes are steady and consistent, and Rumbo has higher pitched vocals singing in the background. At one point, he harmonizes with that vocal track and it is just phenomenal. This track is just as much of a banger as the rest of them, but I have to say I like this track the most from Rumbo’s project.

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