In the midst of a history long plagued by clan wars and deception how much is family honor and loyalty worth? Bridget must flee from an arranged marriage, as Justin must face a war-torn ancestral past to discover what his birthright truly holds. Endangerment, love, and destiny intertwine the lives of everyone who cross trails with these two young souls. An adventurous child who was meant to be a great Scottish Lord stolen, and an heiress that wants to run from her family troubles and expectations unexpectedly have their two worlds weaved as one; beginning a perilous journey that pieces a lost heritage back together. Justin believes delivering Bridget to safety may save more than just her freedom, it might save his future and alter a series of events that impact the whole country of Scotland. Can the hero and heroine survive their quest to ever find the lives they truly seek? What path is really right or wrong, and does it really matter when thieves, mercenaries, and a corrupt Scottish Lord are tracking your every move?

The book “Revenge is Just a Word” toes the line of having multiple linear storylines between characters, and it’s executed wonderfully. All characters have enough personality to keep you invested in each of them throughout the duration of the novel. I don’t want to give any specifics away as to not spoil the novel, but take my word for it that this is a book that you’ll definitely enjoy reading! It’s currently free on Kindle.

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