This book is an artist poetry book written by Tara Vatanpour, which talks about different types of trauma in her own poetic words and through her own experiences. Using rhythmic and resonating poetry, she lets us travel through memories and sensations of high intensity.

An excerpt reads as follows:


I have lost all notion of time
I have lost all comfort of mine
I have lost all sight of what’s right
And I felt inside my blood
The tyranny of myself yelling
I need love.
I need you to be here with me.
I need you to love me, not hurt me.
I wish you could hear my sorrow
I wish you would reach out in a row
I wish I could let you know how I have been
I wish I could let you know where I have been
I wish you could hear me scream
In the darkness of my own inner stream.
I wish I had superpowers
Like a shining star, a broken rib, a flower
I wish I could be a tree sitting in the sun,
Staring at my own destiny with a smile
I wish I didn’t have this ache inside
I wish you could take it off my chest
Off my bones
Off my veins
It’s darker than my eyeball.

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