Navarre’s Lounge is pleased to bring Phillip Gilchrist to the spotlight! This singer/songwriter is based out of South Carolina and is on a mission for the world to hear his music. The posted single “Song on The Radio” is one that (as you can imagine) you could hear played on the radio. Think Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry, Carlie, Hanson, DJ Khaled, Jonas Brothers, etc. and you can begin to build a foundation for Phillip Gilchrist’s sound, but you have yet to experience the energy he brings to your speakers.

Phillip Gilchrist has been doing this for a while is getting better at it every step of the way. When going through the previous hits dropped by the artist, there is the consistency of quality that comes with his name. The songs range from heartache and pain to being in love and loving life, but all of them are sure to have your head bobbing to the beat. One song I would like to touch on for a moment is “Barely Breathing”. It takes a bit of a slower tempo and is a beautiful ballad to listen to. I caught myself listening to this track a couple of times.

“Song on The Radio” brings all the ingredients that are needed for a hit; catchy hook, solid vocals, fun and vibrant instruments, and a whole lotta personality. The 4-minute track length and variety of the sections in the song give DJs in the club and on the radio ample opportunities to mix this hit into their playlist, and they would be sorry to pass this one up.

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