Please welcome the next musical talent to Navarre’s Lounge stage, Operatical! Operatical is a Greece-based musical group that works in the modern, classical genre. Their aim is to provide music in such a way by implementing a variety of several music themes. The musical composer behind the group, Nadina Tziatziou, has collaborated with lyricist Thanos Zisis for this production, with guests 8tetto vocal ensemble and choreographer Anna Magou.

Operatical’s philosophy is to create an authentic music style based on new compositions, with lyrics written in many different languages, interpreting different music cultures and styles in a unique and modern theatrical way.

Whether it be from a movie, in passing, or because you enjoy it, we have all heard a classical song and a hip-hop song before. What immediately caught my attention was the use of a hip hop type of beat to keep tempo in such a way in a classical opera song. All individuals involved showcase their incredible talents with being able to mix two very distinct genres flawlessly.

The musical interpretation that the music video holds is drastic and multilayered. The intensity of the music video accentuates the serious tone of the song itself, all wrapping up to a masterpiece of a project. I will be looking forward to future releases from you Operatical!

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