Next in Navarre’s Spotlight we have Oh Well, a progressive EDM project led by Ryan Oswald. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, this musician is hidden within a shroud of mystery. Just this little bit of information took some digging on my end. Oh Well uses this lack of information on the listener’s side to add to the ambiance of his music, and it works very well.

When I first read “progressive EDM project”, I was not sure what to expect from his music, but after listening to the single posted (and the rest of his projects), I am understanding his vision and what he is going for. The vocals are crisp and clear, delivering a message that makes these tracks feel like therapy for the artist. While the vocals are strong, so is the instrumental that Oh Well is singing on top of. Along with that, the way Oh Well sings is silky smooth over the syncopated rhythms, making Lost Time Traveler an experience to listen to. Through each playthrough, I find myself focusing on different aspects of Lost Time Traveler; the first time being the layers of drums and how they keep the energy going. The second time is the mix of the instruments and the background vocals being used to create a sort of atmosphere around this listening session. The third time I am listening to the lyrics presented, trying to decode the reason why he calls himself a lost time traveler. Each play through rides my different wavelengths of thought and I enjoyed every second of it.

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