I’ve always wanted to open a jazz club.

I’ve had this dream to open a jazz club ever since I can remember. I grew up playing saxophone, and the only places I played, aside from school, was my church or a hole-in-the-wall club. The owner let me play on the stage on a slow night and ever since I was set on making this dream a reality.

On Friday, July 17, 2020, my mom called me and said she had a dream that I hosted an online radio station, since I couldn’t open up a physical building with COVID-19 in full effect. I talked it over with my girlfriend and thought I could start with a site that promotes amateur artists. Once I get enough traction to have a steady flow of new artists with raw talent, I’ll have a constantly refreshing playlist of music for my followers.

And thus, Navarre’s Lounge was born.

Apart from this blog, I also rap and play saxophone. I’ve released two hip-hop albums and played saxophone across 13 different countries.

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