Please help Navarre’s Lounge welcome Mr. MiLK to the spotlight! Mr. MiLK hails from Sin City Las Vegas, Nevada USA. This musician brings instrumentals that serve as a complete experience when listening to them. A few of his inspirations are musicians such as Primus, Cypress Hill, Tool, Snoop Dogg, and Nine Inch Nails. You can see the diversity of his influence with each beat he makes.

At the young age of 16, Mr. MiLK has already padded his SoundCloud with PLENTY of noteworthy instrumentals. Each track has its own set of rules and moods that will take you on an adventure that have their own individual identity.

“I’m 16, and I like nachos. I began my music career playing the standup double bass in the school orchestra at age 12. Now I make music using Ableton with a PUSH 2 midi controller and FL Studio as well as playing acoustic and electric guitar, bass, cello, drums, keyboards, and synthesizers.”

The posted track “No signal – Instrumental” features sound that remind me of the TV show Adventure Time. It is a very mellow vaporwave-type track with a rolling drum pattern that complements the melody so well, that you cannot help but listen through the entire track length. About halfway through, there is a solo that takes place, and I cannot begin to describe how groovy it feels! I have nothing but great things to say about this young artist, and I am already excited for his future releases.

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