The next artist to be in the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge is Mr. FlipStar, a rapper and producer from the Montreal, Canada. Mr. FlipStar introduces himself as the “Coolest Nerd”, which is his tag that stems from his record label named “Nerd At Cool Table Records”. Some of his inspiration comes from some of the big names that we all know and love; Notorious BIG, Nas, 2pac, Marvin Gaye, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and others. Mr. FlipStar is comfortable with his craft, working on his third album.

Mr. FlipStar exemplifies what many artists are in the industry for; respect for their talents and to stay true to lyricism and storytelling that comes in the form of rap and hip-hop. Unlike the big pond of aspiring artists, this musician has bars that scratch well below the surface. Metaphors, varying rapping cadences, and the raw emotion behind his words are only a few of the factors that prove his worth. He also knows how to produce beats; I spoke with Mr. FlipStar and was told that on his last album, he produced 3 of the beats himself. Heavily involved in the way his art is presented to the world, Mr. Flipstar also co-directs all of his videos (with the help of his partners-in-crime Wize Eyez & The Right Focus), and is in complete charge of the editing portion as well. Can’t beat having multiple talents that serve towards the same purpose.

I have personally worked with Mr. FlipStar on a project, and plan on working with him more, because he is one of the artists that always is sure to give 110% on the track. It made me want to rerecord my verse to make sure I’m not cast in the shadow from his performance! Remember how one of Meek Mill’s key traits was that he is always yelling on the track? In the interview with The Breakfast Club, Meek Mill talks about him having something to say and being passionate about it. This same kind of energy is apparent when listening to any of Mr. FlipStar’s tracks.

Something else to note; once every weather season, Mr. FlipStar will post 60-second themed freestyles each week for an entire month on his IG/FB. They always start with the phrase “This will only take 60 seconds of your precious time”. It’s a quick cipher that accomplishes a few things; it lets Mr. FlipStar’s followers know he still has his lyrical edge, it’s a great way to meet new musicians in the community, and it expresses his opinion on all types of topics! Some of the topics I am seeing are BLM, Cinco De Mayo, Australian Wildfires, and many more. There is plenty to listen to and maybe gain a new perspective that you have not seen yet.

The track ‘Cold Summer 2020’ addresses the injustice shown to people of color, with a mural of George Floyd as the video background. The track lives up to the expectations set for Mr. FlipStar; the style switch-ups, the wordplay skills, and the passion behind the vocals are all present on the track that deserves. The artist pays tribute to Kobe, Gianna, Pop Smoke, Fred Da Godson, Andre Harrell, and more, all members of the community who passed too soon. This is a track that is definitely added to my playlist.

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