Please help me welcome Mob Figure to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge. Mob Figure reps Nashville, TN. This rapper comes to us with a brand-new album titled “My Kulture”, and Mob Figure does not disappoint. This musician comes out with bangers each time and continues to do the same for his listeners.

Mob Figure has enough credibility to back up what he is rapping about. After doing 5 years in the penitentiary, Mob Figure invested his money into studio equipment and worked to have his story be heard. The titles of the tracks alone let you know that his walk of life was not all sunshine and roses. We hear plenty of sound effects that mimic gun shots, tires screeching, drugs being cut, and much more.  Mob Figure is all about his business and is here to let it be known.

When I first start listening to “My Kulture”, I immediately equated his flow to the likes of Dom Kennedy. It is smooth and fits the beat oh so nicely. Mob Figure has the talent to rap very aggressively, then switch it up to be almost floating on top of the instrumental in the same song. Personally, my favorite song from this project is “Since I Came Home”. I always like the more mellow tracks on a rap album. On this track, Mob Figure says “It’s been four years since I came home” on the hook, and he talks more about it through the rest of the song. I would give this a listen if I were you!

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