Please help me welcome MaxKoMusic to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge! MaxKoMusic, who some may know as Maxim Kokarev, is a music, producer, and mixing engineer. With over 10 years of experience, MaxKoMusic has been an integral part of a large number of projects that prove their skills. This artist isn’t tied down to one genre either! Perusing though their Twitter account will show you that music of all types are within MaxKoMusic’s realm.

MaxKoMusic is passionate about the creation of music and the ability it has to be a platform for self-expression. A medium to be able to transfer thoughts and emotions in a way that works would never be able to. As many of us can relate, this show of art is a stark contrast to his job, and creates a space where the sounds can give you the yearning to dance the night away, cry yourself to sleep, or just relax and enjoy life.

The track “City Lights” opens with a light drum pattern and simple chords, which is followed up by a run of synth sounds. The vibe of the track stays really mellow and hovers between easy listening and mellow jams. This is a great example of the many enthralling tracks that is a part of MaxKoMusic’s repertoire. This is an artist that cannot be slept on!

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