Today on Navarre’s Lounge, we will spotlight an artist named Marquette King, originally from Georgia but now he calls Scottsdale, Arizona his home. Marquette King produces the type of music he likes to call “pop-hop” which takes influences from both pop and hip-hop.

You may know Marquette King from the NFL as a punter for either the Oakland Raiders or the Denver Broncos, but now he is wearing a different hat. After suffering an injury, Marquette King took to the studio to begin creating the pop-hop music that you see today, and it is gaining traction fast! The YouTube videos are gaining more than a few thousand views and the artist is quick to build up his track list. Even on Marquette King’s social media profiles, you can see that the multi-talented artist is keeping up with his football training as well as spending time in the studio to allocate time and effort into his music.

From the posted single, we quickly see elements of songs that we saw back in the late 2000s/early 2010s; steady rhythm, catchy hooks, and just a lot of fun being had in the music videos. This formula has been the foundation for many of the artists we hear on the radio nowadays, and now Marquette King has tapped into this and put his own spin on it. He brings his charisma from the field into the music video and the overall energy is at an even higher level than what has been seen before.

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