Navarre’s Lounge is pleased to present Malin-G to the spotlight! Malin-G comes to us from Sydney, Australia, and brings the Australian night life along with him. A couple of popular artists that remind me of Malin-G’s genre of music are Pitbull and Sean Paul. However, Malin-G adds his own flavor to the project, giving it the fresh feel of the modern music era.

His debut single “Live Ur Life” is filled to the brim with live instrumentation and high energy, but do not overlook the underlying meaning of the lyrics. The vibe that the song brings is not dwelling on the hardships of 2020, but on what the future may bring, and that is a very important message to share in these trying times.

“This song is about loss. It is about the difficult Year 2020 has been for many people. It has a central theme to the song. To Live. To move forward. To overcome the difficulties. To accept the past & look forward.”

When first listening to “Live Ur Life”, I am partial to the saxophone, and the licks that are played are the perfect choice to fit the tune. The assortment of percussion keeps the momentum of the song pushing all the way to the end. One aspect of the song I truly enjoy is that the vocals are sprinkled throughout the track as if it is another instrument added into the mix rather than being the focus of “Live Ur Life”. Either way you chop it up, this is a solid project that deserves some attention.

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