Marija M. Mack – The Life and Times of Mental Illness

Intense, powerful, and deeply relevant, this is the story about a young man’s journey through mental illness and drug abuse. It beckons the question of Nature versus Nurture – was he born this way or did his ill-fated lifestyle turn him into this? Follow along as he begins his innocent yet fitful start from Greenville Kentucky where his grandfather rejects him, to his upbringing on the bad side of East Harlem New York where fate takes a stand.

The ever-growing statistics on mental health are staggering. There are several behaviors that surface among the mentally ill and if left untreated or ignored, the effects can be disastrous. In this novel, one man’s treacherous lifestyle spins out of control as peer pressure, sex, and romance cause him to use dangerous means to gain control over his life but instead turn him into a target. He pays his dues repeatedly and grows with the roll of a dice only to find himself at more risk.

The tables turn repeatedly as he learns the true meaning of love and support – kicking and crawling his way out of the hole that has been dug for him or he dug for himself. As his journey concludes, he realizes this is only the beginning, and nothing truly ends.

More about Marija:

Marija lives in South Carolina with her husband, dog, and cats. For some forty years now she has had a soft spot for troubled teens and the functionally disabled. She spent years working with people, young and older alike who were trying to escape their life controlling troubles back in Wisconsin. Since moving to South Carolina Marija has become an advocate to victims of dysfunctional home lives, domestic abuse, substance abuse and the mentally ill. Her personal health challenges has kept her vision of mental health for all moving forward. She currently does presentations and speaks out to end the stigma behind mental illness.

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