Please help me welcome Luke Crimiel to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge! This musician hails from New Orleans, Louisiana, and brings the vocals that make his city proud. Luke Crimiel has released a new album titled “11th Street”, and once again he does not disappoint. Each release has his heart and soul behind the lyrics and the instrumentals accompanying him, and Crimiel continues to provide pristine quality for his listeners.

Luke Crimiel has known he was destined for music since age 4, where he sang and played the drums at his godfather’s church. Growing up, Crimiel explored his talents more through musical theater. Pulling from inspirations from those like Prince, Stevie Wonder, and Frank Sinatra, it has been a prodigy in the making since the beginning.

“11th Street” is an album that has happy vibes, sad vibes, and everything in between. Either way, the feelings sway, the head bobbing does not stop. To be honest, listening through this album reminds me of the same mood that comes when I listen to Lianne La Havas, and that is a good thing. The entire album feels very refreshing; Luke Crimiel’s voice was put on instrumentals that really accentuate his skills as a vocalist. The song that I first had to listen to again was “Breathe”. I do not know how to explain it, but there are at least one or two qualities from your favorite pop/R&B artist that you can find in Crimiel, and “11th Street” has a song that will appeal to everyone. All 11 tracks on this album are very well done, and they all deserve your full attention.

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