Navarre’s Lounge is pleased to bring Live Vinyl to the spotlight! This New York-based band brings a blend of sounds from rock, pop, and R&B for your musical enjoyment. Their new single “Get Out Party Today” is intoxicating to the ears as soon as the track starts. Think modern-day Santana, and you can begin to build a foundation for Live Vinyl’s sound, but you have yet to experience the energy they bring to your speakers.

Live Vinyl shines brightest in live musical performances, but sound just as good on your favorite streaming service. The members include Grace Nazario (vocal), Peter Mormoris (guitar production), David Karp (vocal harp), Joe D’Agostino (bass), Ronnie DiRusso (vocal keys), Michael Felice (drums), Jon Paul Montavlo (percussion). Just from this one song, I can tell that all these musicians love their craft, and they are incredibly talented in each of their facets. The groove sounds effortless and does not fall in energy at all. The guitar solo takes the rhythms that are provided by its counterparts and multiplies them throughout the vibe, making this song a perfect match with the dance floor.

“Get Out Party Today” brings all the ingredients that are needed for a hit; catchy hook, solid vocals, vibrant instrumentation, and a whole lotta personality. Even now, I have it on repeat and cannot help but sashay in my chair as I am typing this out. The 4-minute track length and constant upbeat feeling give any DJ ample opportunities to mix this hit into their playlist, and they would be sorry to pass this one up.

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