I am pleased to start this week at Navarre’s Lounge with an artist who I have known for a long time; King J. Saldaña. This hip-hop/rap artist hails from Longview, Texas and has been heavy into music since his high school years. Some of King J. Saldaña’s musical influences are Eminem, Tupac, SPM, and Z-Ro.

Originally known as “King Junior Tha Lunatic”, King J. Saldaña has grown into his craft remarkably well. If you go through his track list, obvious growth can be seen from each release he puts out. Rap has become a tool for him, being used for therapy by letting him unleash his frustration and his pain. This sounds like many of us, but King J. Saldaña has found where his sweet spot is to keep growing from, and he is growing fast. It is only a matter of time until this musician is recognized.

In the music video posted above, King J. Saldaña comes out of the gate with pure lyricism and the cadence will immaculate.  You could easily think of one of your favorite artists and would have to admit that this man has some extreme talent and could be a prevalent artist in the industry.

King J. Saldaña has started his movement called “Ambitiously Driven Music” with only him as the artist, and he promises his fans that he will continue to release music that challenges him as an artist and keeps the ears of his listeners fresh. His only mission is to make it and to keep chasing the dream.

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