Let us all welcome to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge the artist Kemper Grant! This artist does not have a lot of information out there about themselves, but the music presented by them so far is wonderous to listen to. Their new album titled “Jungle” is out and deserves a review. Let’s get started.

The first track “All Day and Night” is as solid of an opener as they come. Simple formula, memorable lyrics, impactful rhythm. This leads into the next track, “Blind”. As soon as this track came on, I was already all about it. It has the funky flanged guitar in the background to create the ambience of the smooth vocals that he presents through the rest of the track. Halfway through, we hear the featured artist complement the track with her verse that leads to them taking the track out together in style.

The rest of the tracks have their own appeal, but the last track I want to touch on is “Round-a-Bout”. Remember how Frank Ocean had the voice pitched up for parts of the song? We see the same technique used here, and I personally love it. Most of the song uses this pitched up voice with a guitar dancing around the rhythm of the words. The vibe of this song is easy listening, and it feels so good to just have it playing. It is one of those songs where you have it on repeat over and over and forget how many times you listened to it. That is a hard thing to achieve, and I believe Kemper Grant has exceeded expectations.

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