Written over a nineteen month span, Poems from the Bottom of the Rock documents the journey from despair to rebirth, with poems covering many genres, forms, styles, and emotions. Topics covered include life, death, love, hate, light, darkness, redemption, and retribution. Maybe there’s a piece of you here, too.

This collection of poetry starts with two important sections; ‘How to Reach Rock Bottom’ and ‘Why I write’. For me, this is my favorite part to read because it helps me reach the mindset and mood that the writer set as the tone of the read. JR Kinney does such by rhymes and cadences, an introduction poem that shows we will be addressing the topic rock bottom.

Going through the preface and the first few pieces, you can see that this will not only be thematically written but also be a full heart-to-heart session with Kinney; personable, but relatable. The words bear heavy emotions, inviting you to sit and ponder about how close these pieces are to the poet, and what it means for you to be able to experience them.

Overall, this journey for me was nothing short of exceptional. The feelings of love, pain, humor, anger, and all in between gave me an introspective therapy session I didn’t know I needed. There are so many reasons to read this book. For me it was self-care.

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