The spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge goes to Jolly8 this time, the 17-year-old songwriter, rapper, and singer whose roots are in New York, United States. Some of her biggest influences are ones that many of us have listened to since they have been on the map, like Kehlani, Mos Def, Kanye West and Tinashe. Jolly8 was discovered and signed by international independent record/art/lifestyle collective Ederkind Música in 2018, who later released and partnered with Wonderkill Savage Records in 2019. From here, her solo career developed to releasing her debut song “Homesick” in 2020. Also, in 2020, Jolly released her debut EP “Acacia”, a five-song soulful, elegant, vibrant, and heartfelt mixtape.

The traits that make Jolly8 deserving of the spotlight is the drive and dedication to her craft. At only 17 years of age, this musician has built an impressive collection of professionally produced songs, signed to a record label, and began building her brand. Going through the tracks on her EP “Acacia”, each track has its own personality and they are built from her voice and intonation on the tracks. Having the voice is one thing, but it takes the next level of musicianship to embody an instrumental’s mood and layer your vocals on as another instrument. Jolly8 executed this skill flawlessly.

There was a project I was working on with the artist Jacques Dingle and we wanted Jolly8 to sing the hook, but we ended up going a different direction with the song. When I began checking out her music, the first artists that came to mind were Doja Cat and Jhené Aiko. It is the loftiness of the flow that does it for me. We hear this on the posted song, “Homesick”. The lyrics keep a rap cadence but flow together as she is singing her verses. It does not stop here. About 2 minutes 30 seconds in, Jolly8 breaks out into freestyle to show the versatility that this young talent possesses. Keep the grind up Jolly8. You can only go up from here!

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