Please help me welcome Johnny Gas to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge. This musician reps Los Angeles, California, and Charlotte, North Carolina. This hip-hop/rap artist comes to us with a new single called “Airbnb”, and once again Johnny Gas does not disappoint. This musician comes out with bangers each time and continues to do the same for his listeners.
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Johnny Gas has a reputation for releasing tracks that feel good while telling a personal story behind the smile that the song puts on your face. Spotify has tracks dating back to 2017 for this musician, so we can see he has been at this for a while and there is visible improvement as he continues along his musical journey. Going through the previously released albums, Johnny Gas builds his projects to where you can play the album from beginning to end, and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Airbnb is a track that grooves from start to finish, giving vibes from all different spectrums for the three and a half minutes. The rapping part feels like Mac Miller, with the raps laying on the backend of the beat, while the hook and singing feels like Jeremih to me. Airbnb also balances the line between a radio hit and an underground track very well by having the catchy vibes that would be on the radio but does not sell out the artistry that is signature for Johnny Gas. There is not an obscene amount of layering happening with the track, only the vocals from Johnny Gas, a couple of dubs, and the feel-good instrumental.

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