Everyone, I would like your help in welcoming JJBODD and the Dusty Road Runners to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge. JJBODD is the lyric writer and song designer. The Dusty Road Runners are a select group of musicians gathered from the online marketplace known as Fiverr. JJBODD manages the progress of the song and also used a service from one of the Fiverr sellers to have the song mastered. In April of 2020, JJBODD produced a song originally titled My Harley and Me. That song had a key message that gives us a deeper looking into just what kind of musician JJBODD is:

You don’t stop playing when you get old. what I have learnt is worth its weight in gold. You only get old when you stop playing. So Keep On running and Keep on praying. The Chorus was Heading On Down the Highway… Looking to do things our way… We were born to be free. My brand new Harley and me.

We now have JJBODD and the Dusty Road Runners’ latest track titled “Whe’re Are You Going To”. The song starts off high energy with a fast paced drum accompanying guitar riffs, amping you up for the vocals from JJBODD. JJBODD does a great job timing out when he gets more energetic behind the vocals, ensuring that the gradual build doesn’t come too early. When I hear this song, I imagine it on a boombox at the beach, or on a drive down a long two lane highway. Good vibes, great musicians, excellent song.

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