Navarre’s Lounge is pleased to present JAEA to the spotlight. JAEA moved from the Bay Area in California and landed in Los Angeles, California. She comes to us bringing vibes like Bhad Bhabie, early Doja Cat mixed with early Lady Gaga, and even some Tove Lo thrown in the mix. Her management consists of the label TREE4ORT, and the multi-talented Capo Corleone.

Her debut single “Bad Bitch” is her first project that she has complete creative control over, and she has cut no corners with this one. “Bad Bitch” embodies what and who JAEA truly is and wants to be personified as. Her upcoming project continues this self-reflective journey and we will get to see what JAEA truly wants for her career and her life. The track gives us insight into the struggles she is endured to make her the strong artist and woman she is today.

When “Bad Bitch” first comes on, the first thing I noticed is the old school classic feel of the simple beat from the trap set and the ping-pong synth. I was immediately drawn to the rhythm. Then JAEA comes in with her message about how a man she was with thought he was running things, but JAEA is quick to let us know that is not the case. Misunderstood as a nice girl, she sets the record straight that she is the bad bitch she claims to be.

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