Navarre’s Lounge is pleased to present ItsENJ to the spotlight! ItsENJ comes to us with Afropop/Afro-soul vibes that originate from a myriad of cultures, including African, Caribbean, and Hispanic, to name a few. The song “Moonside” is an upbeat track from their new EP, Born on the Moon.

itsENJ consists of Chimdi & OTITO, aka “The DAPPER DUO”. These two brothers have hit the entertainment scene with their versatile and unique musical styles. As Nigerian immigrants and Bronx residents, their unique background and openness to global music influence put itsENJ on the cutting edge of versatility and individuality. They are known for their well-rounded skill sets as songwriters, music producers, recording/performing artists, and creative directors. Chimdi & OTITO even started a production company, ENJ Productions, currently with an extensive client list.

The music video for “Moonside” showcases both brothers enjoying themselves, but also many powerful clips of the hardship in Nigeria. According to itsENJ, many officials believed them to be suspicious because of their hairstyles and computers.

“The Nigerian police will brand you as a scammer just to harass you and try to extort you.”

It was those experiences that fueled the Dapper Duo’s vigor, bravado, and attitude in their music video for “Moonside”. The music video brings itsENJ’s reflections of being stuck in Nigeria to life. The Dapper Duo had many near-death experiences in the five months they were forced to stay in the country, due to the coronavirus pandemic which made leaving the country impossible.

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