Navarre’s Lounge will shine its spotlight on The Infamous King of Positivity, better known as I.K.P. This hip-hop musician hails out of New York and brings nothing short of straight heat. I.K.P. has an extensive list of projects published on streaming services, and each release modernizes with the times.

This EP titled RADICALIZE is the first set of songs from I.K.P.’s upcoming 4th full-length LP. RADICALIZE is a turning point for the artist, both professionally and personally. Since I.K.P.’s last release in 2015, he has been faced with many challenges and experiences – from dealing with multiple sclerosis, homelessness, heartbreaks, and depression – all while battling addiction and trying to break away from unhealthy habits.

“I eventually reconnected with my spirituality and with my heritage and since then, I’ve opened up about my struggles, sought therapy, told my family and have been trying to make peace with a lot of that trauma.”

 I have not heard of this artist before this review, but I can tell you I am already excited for the rest of this project to drop. RADICALIZE starts out with a very energetic and in-your-face delivery. The lyrics show I.K.P laying all his cards out on the table from the jump. When I am going through this project, each song showcases I.K.P.’s versatility to adapt and own whatever beat he is rapping on.

I really commend I.K.P being vulnerable in his music for the sake of self-healing; that is a lot to ask sometimes. It is also great for his fans since they get some dope music new from this artist. Keep on I.K.P.! You have got a new fan following you.

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