This time around, the artist that Navarre’s Lounge shines the spotlight on ih3arthippy, the artist from Long Island, New York. This artist started out hearing his first instrumental of Hey Lover by LL Cool J, and from then on it was a wrap. He describes his music as melodic hip-hop and R&B; silky smooth when it needs to be. ih3arthippy is the owner of his label, IH3art Mafia, with his manager being Jennie K. His producer is 501 music AKA kdeezeedaproducer and his marketing manager is “James Hall”. ih3arthippy already has over one thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and keeps his audience entertained with hit after hit.

“I have a sound that brightens up the room… I call it “CAR MUSIC”. Ain’t no other feeling when you’re riding in your car vibin [#itsavibe] and a presence that let people know I’m serious about my craft. If you believe in me, I promise I’ll take it ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!”

ih3arthippy means business. Not only does he have multiple singles and Eps out already, he also has ih3art Mafia clothing and merchandise coming soon! This is an artist that is confident in his abilities and is putting his heart and soul into his craft so that others can be blessed by his music.

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