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This time around, the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge goes to Global Rhythm! Global Rhythm is a soul fusion and funk band consisting of four talented artists from around the world: Vicky Flint (London), D’Vo (Houston, TX), Master Pe (Brazil), and OB3ple (Sweden). D’Vo has been gracious enough to sit down for a Q&A session, which we will dive into below:

Navarre: How did you guys form this group in the first place?

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D’Vo: Global Rhythm came together just by working together and finding synergy for our love of music. The guys have been doing music for years, but I am the newbie in the group. I am making a Christian Hip Hop Series, called The Codex. When I was ready to distribute the first album in 2019. I was on SoundCloud and I heard this song, this instrumental that moved me. I wore the creator of the track out to let me create something to it, and within a few hours, One Love was made. I canceled my release to add this amazing track to it, and we just kept working together. The producer of most of our music, OB3ple, and I have been working closely since. The song featured live instruments recorded and was just fire and we keep that jazz fusion, soul, and funk sound and decided to create music together.

Navarre: That is really dope. Did you know each other before the group formation?

D’Vo: We didn’t know each other at all. OB3ple is from Sweden, Vicky Flint is from London, and Master Pé is from Brazil. They have known each other, but no one has met each other. We are a digital band, and there are huge language barriers but our love of music and our love to spread positive music unites us.

Navarre: That’s inspiration for musicians if I have ever heard any. What tools do your group use to collaborate around the world?

D’Vo: We use SoundCloud to communicate with our songs which is very effective because we can put on the Soundcloud timeline, exactly where things should be added or removed. We use WhatsApp, our Instagram account, Facebook and Instagram messenger, email, and really all technology in general to be effective despite our language barriers.

Navarre: What musical role does each of you play in the group?

D’Vo: Ob3ple is our producer, he is the bass guitarist and really does most of the producing.
Vicky Flint plays the trumpet and does vocals, and she is incredible.
Master Pé produces tracks as well, but he is our guitarist, he is the modern Carlos Santana
Myself D’Vo, I am a songwriter, rapper, and singer, I like to call myself a soul rapper, bringing a different vibe to our hip-hop culture all centered around serving and loving God.

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