The Light Reapers are a Special Operations unit that had served numerous campaigns together. They were an expertly trained and elite group, but could they ever prepare for what was to happen next?

Under a shroud of darkness and maliciousness, a viral weapon was being produced by an alliance of terrorists bent on the destruction of their respective enemies. When double-crossed by an ISIS faction, the viral weapon is stolen and prematurely unleashed on the planet.

Now facing a worldwide epidemic, the Light Reapers are deployed to rescue a scientist who may be able to develop an antidote. If that wasn’t difficult enough, they also must track down the ISIS faction and eliminate them – all while battling hordes of the infected.

This novel was incredibly enjoyable to read! The characters have fleshed out personalities that allow the reader to be put in the environment that is described in detail. The level of immersion for a war book really takes the experience to the next level. This is a piece that I highly recommend to anybody looking for something new to read!

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