Navarre’s Lounge is pleased to present DED STARK to the spotlight. DED STARK is a brilliant mind that makes music which sounds like it could come from multiple different timelines. He knows of his popularity in the niche market and gives his fans what they want while having many musical qualities that appeal to all types of alternative listeners.

“If you are looking for an alternative to the already alternative… this man’s music might be for you. Yes, he is weird, and yes, he is awkward, but he has also dedicated his life to music, and all these things are quite obvious once you get to know him. Not cool, edgy, or social, enough for any cliques, and too shy and stubborn to collab, he has decided to lean into his lonerism and take it to the next level.”

DED STARK has over 50 published tracks in only 3 years, ranging from guitar playing, sampling, recording, and editing. “JADED” is from his EP titled STARK STASH, which is available on the musician’s Soundcloud, linked below. This track has a mix of so many different influences, it is mind boggling! I hear influences from Gorilla Zoe, Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa, and Mac Miller, just to name a few.

When I first heard “JADED”, my mind was taken back to the likes of Spooky Black. The instrumental features very ambient instruments and rhythms to set the mood. The lyrics are personable and have a lot of character mixed into the vocals. You can listen to it multiple times and have a different experience each playthrough, depending on what you are listening for. After this, I can tell you I am going to his Soundcloud to check out the rest of this project!

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