Please help me welcome Darshae Kiér to the Navarre’s Lounge spotlight. This musician comes to us out of Miami, Florida, and is heavy with the pop hits. When listening to Darshae Kiér’s latest release, you get hints of artists like Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, Usher, Chris Brown, Bad Bunny, and many more. This musician takes what makes those artists greats and make his own formula for success.

Darshae Kiér is no newbie to the music game. This musician has years of tracks under his belt and shows obvious progression from each release, and he continues to become more in tune to what his brand of music is. What is crazy is when you go through the tracks posted by Darshae Kiér, you see just how versatile this musician is! There are some ballads, as well as some more intense tracks. Whatever mood you are in at the time, there as a track in his playlist that will fit it perfectly.

“Halasana Girl” is a lively upbeat track that talks about a woman who has the moves and the rhythm that he finds attractive. It is a song to dance to as well as to get up close and personal to that person you have been eyeing on the dance floor this whole time. I could easily see this song on the radio or queued up by the DJ at a club. Whenever the beat starts, it instantly puts me in a good mood and is one that deserves a spot on your personal playlist.

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