The first artist to step into the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge is Dailah, a singer-songwriter from the city of Leiden in the Netherlands. Her inspirations stem from both European and North American influences like Tamino, Willow, Snoh Aalegra, Pip Millett, Rhye, and many more. The influences alone are a diverse group, which give reason as to why she can sing across all different styles of instrumentals and background music. Dailah has begun working on her own project called Mystery Soul, which will showcase the years of talent cultivation that she has grown.

Dailah had her first performance in the same manner as many of us did; her debut performance was one from her days in the Christian children’s choir. From there, she has continued to grow her talents into ones that she showcases in occasional gigs in her part of the world.

I have personally worked with Dailah on a project with another amazing musician and I can certainly say her voice is one to be reckoned with. The passion behind her vocals gives weight to why she can consider herself the genre of “Mystery Soul”. It can be seen from her posts that she tends to have a delicate touch to start off her syllables (I’m thinking old school Beyoncé), and then follows up with the full-bodied sound (along the lines of Snoh Aalegra or Corrine Bailey Rae). More posts from Dailah showcase that she is comfortable in a studio setting as well as in front of a live audience, whether it is big or small. Not all your favorite musicians have the nerve to be on stage in front of a small audience that is sitting right in front of you!

Dailah provided her Spotify page which currently has two songs where her talents are proven on other artists’ songs. Be sure to keep up with her so that you do not miss out on any new material that comes from her!

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