Navarre’s Lounge will shine its spotlight on CEO Chino Marley this time. This musician was raised between the locations of Birmingham, Alabama, and New Orleans, Louisiana. CEO Chino Marley has been around the block a few times, touring with big names like Lil Jon, Mike Epps, and Pretty Ricky. Being around good music has noticeably rubbed off on CEO Chino Marley and upped his game along the way.

CEO Chino Marley has grown his track list to include plenty of music videos, and it is apparent that this is a serious artist that is out there to share his story with the world. There are a few factors that give fire to this artist’s flame; growing up without a father figure, being locked up for a period of time, and missing the birth of his child. All these and more give reason to the release of pain that you hear through the lyrics from this artist. It is no wonder why CEO Chino Marley was named Southeast Independent Awards’ 2020 Male Hip Hop Artist of the Year.

The music video for the song “High” is visually stunning, and keeps you entertained while you bob your head to the beat. The song and visuals would make sense to someone who has been high enough to truly understand that this video and vocal combo is not an exaggeration. The simple yet catchy piano loop is complemented by the strong layer of drums, and of course CEO Chino Marley’s vocals are the sprinkles on top.

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