Ally grew up in a small town with her best friend, they did everything together. It was hard for her when they drifted apart, it seemed like everything in Ally’s life was changing, so when her dad sold the house she had grew up in she was heartbroken.
Even though she didn’t live at home anymore she still didn’t like the idea of her dad living in the old Victorian house all alone he wouldn’t listen to reason and insisted one day she would raise her family in the big house.
But that was the farthest thing from Ally’s mind, when she left her hometown in North Carolina it was with the intentions of never moving back.
But that all changed when her father became ill and she had to return to run his antique business until her father was back on his feet but Ally would find herself staying longer than she had planned.
She would soon discover the old Victorian house held more than just old furniture it also held a cry from the past and she was somehow handed the key to unlock that cry and to put it to rest.

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