Welcome another addition to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge, and we have something special for you! Bleary is an R&B/Soul artist that hails out of Portland, Oregon. He has been attracted to rap since his early days when the application of the flow, substance, and storytelling in the rap culture began to make sense to him. One of his biggest musical influences is Tupac for those reasons. Bleary takes what he grew up hearing and made those concepts work for his musical talents. The final product is something that is worth listening to.

The brand that Bleary has built for his online presence brings reason to the style of his music, the cadence of his vocals, the meanings behind his lyrics, and his passion for his craft. After surviving a life-threatening experience, Bleary experienced a hard reset and motivation to take on music full-time. Bleary continuously encourages his listeners to learn and grow from life’s obstacles as they come, growing from them and continuing in their journey.

The album “Bad Days” features 9 tracks that stick close to the theme of the album’s intentions and it hosts an abundance of emotions from inside Bleary. Most of the songs feature Bleary’s talents of rapping as well as singing. My personal favorite track is Long Gone, but I have the entire album on repeat and enjoy it as a project!

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