Please help welcome another addition to the spotlight of Navarre’s Lounge, and we have something special for you! This time, we are featuring a South-Central Los Angeles, California native named B-Funk. B-Funk now resides in a neighborhood in North Carolina named Supply, and dishes out West Coast Hip-Hop, Southern Hip-Hop, Funk, R&B, and Alternative music. Some of his influences are bands like Roger & Zapp, Cameo, The S.O.S Band, and Mtume, as well as artists like Dâm-Funk, Ice Cube, Nipsey Hussle, Too $hort, and E-40. B-Funk has given us ample track in 2020, and there is no shortage of unique vibes between all of them. The track we are looking at today is “Who Is the Mack”, one of the tracks on his latest published project. I had the pleasure to have a one-on-one with this artist:


Navarre: “What was your inspiration for this track?”

B-Funk: “The main inspiration was Ice Cube’s “Who’s the Mack”. The original title was supposed to be “Who’s the Mack 2019”. I wanted to do something for my home one time.”

Navarre: “Dope! What was your first rap project, and when did you release it?”

B-Funk: “Before I answer that, I have to say this. People, often, label me as a rapper. Rap is only about 10% of what I do when it comes to creating. I’m an artist. Not just a rapper. My first rap project was a project called Past Is Prologue. I released it in 2013. You can’t find it anywhere because I took it down. I don’t even have a copy of it anymore.

Navarre: “Ok, noted. Nuked your first project, eh? Why not keep it?”

B-Funk: “Aw man. In 2015, I went back and listened to it. Naturally, I got better, so I noticed things that didn’t sound right. For instance, my vocals were too high or the beat was badly mixed. So I decided to take it down. As to why I couldn’t keep it after I took it down, my computer died and I didn’t have a backup.”

Navarre: “Yeah I got a couple of projects I lost also. Not a good feeling. Tell me about the point in time where you decide to allocate more resources towards your craft”

B-Funk: “As far as investing in my craft, I’ve always done it. I really started investing into my business around 2017. I used to work retail jobs and when I got paid, I’d buy something, whether it was studio monitors, headphones, mic stands, etc.”

Navarre: “Bet bet. What do you see in the future for your music career?”

B-Funk: “I see my name next to all my inspirations as one of the most influential artists, producers, and composers you feel me? I’m making my dream a reality.”

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