Hello again to Navarre’s Lounge. Please give a warm spotlight welcome to Asher Laub!

Asher is a relatively well-known electric violinist who has had his fair share of event performances. Throughout his travels, he has cultivated a cult following that continuously yearns for more of his fantastic works.

Asher has been playing the classical violin training since the age of 2 and had made tremendous accomplishments early on, like performing with the Buffalo philharmonic at the young age of 13. He is a natural on the stage; breakdancing with his LED violin and doubling up as a DJ violinist is child’s play for this performer.

The posted video is a violin cover of the song ‘Indigo Camilo.’ Released on February 28, this jolly tune is expanded upon by Asher’s impeccable skills and colorful creativity.

Coupled with the serene visuals that put your mind at ease, you have yet another classic from this well-renowned musician known as Asher Laub.

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