Navarre’s Lounge is pleased to present Anthony Brewer to the spotlight. Based out of Georgia, this R&B vocalist has just released his new single with the help of Jimmy Roach, a former Motown employee who wrote, arranged, and produced the hit you are hearing today. Anthony Brewer is no stranger to the stage; starting from performing in theater productions from high school, this musician has grown to lend his background vocals to some big names in the music industry. Now he is taking his talents to begin constructing his own music platform.

The message in this single does not come a moment too soon. Appropriately titled, Anthony Brewer talks about the racial injustice occurring across the US. The ballad focuses on Ferguson but is sure to speak the names of many others whose lives were taken too soon. There is an interlude with a speaking part paying homage to many of the lost souls, as well as driving home the point that this is an issue that must be addressed sooner than later.

From the first verse, I immediately thought “Do I hear a bit of Stevie Wonder influence? Maybe some Ruben Studdard?” While he does have some likeness to the two, Anthony Brewer has enough style and charisma to make a name for himself. The music video showcases powerful pictures and videos of different times during these killings. There are some clips of the actual incidents, some of the protests that resulted, and some of the memorials erected in honor of the fallen. Anthony Brewer also appears throughout the video, showing us the pain in his voice as well as in his facial expressions.

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